Supernatural Thrillers

The Prophecy (1995)

Not the greatest movie, but not bad and it really showcases all that is Christopher Walken. He brings everyone!

A war rages among angels, those who accept that humans are favored by God and those who resent it. Apparently, they have battled over this for hundreds of years, preventing human souls from entering heaven until resolved. Who knew?

Anyhow, Walken plays the angel Gabriel but with a New York accent, and he is fed up with God favoring the “talking monkeys” so he is trying to force a resolution of this heavenly stalemate. He determines that he must possess the darkest human soul, which can push his team over the edge.

Of course this would mean the demise of humans, so Koteas, who plays a cop named Thomas, has to explore his past as a priest in order to defeat this threat. And Virginia Madsen, who looks good as a brunette, helps. There’s possession of a little girl, and some Native Americans, who are apparently alright by God, so he is thankfully not religion specific here.

Viggo Mortensen plays Lucifer and he actually helps out the humans because he knows Gabriel’s plan bites. If Viggo is the devil, then that’s why hell is so damn hot. Anyway, any movie with the Devil as a character counts as horror to me, even though this may also be called a supernatural thriller.

As a child, the stories of angels were my favorites in Catholic school. Angels are badass, soldiers of God with fabulous rock n roll hair. One of the more clever ideas presented is the paradox of being an Angel, they are divine yet must perform God’s dirty work.

Naturally, the humans and the Angels who are Team God win. But Walken is so over the top that he steals every scene. In fact, his character’s death could not prevent 2 more sequels with him in it.

Oh, and study your math, its the key to the universe.

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