Weekend Horrorfest!

We binged on movies this weekend  and covered some fun bases.

The Burbs  (1989)

Saturday night included a houseful of kids so we started out with the darkly funny Burbs.

And while it makes fun of things suburban it also sends up some fun horror cliches, like creepy neighbors, scary houses and missing people.

I always want to hate Tom Hanks’ movies but he makes me love every single one. He is just so good at whatever he does. Oh, why are you so talented and likable, Tom?! Also, Carrie Fisher has the most perfect eyeroll ever. Everything about this movie is good.


The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

We caught this at midnight on Elvira’s Movie Macabre, because she is back!


And it’s awesome, it’s …exactly like it was before, which is to say, pun-y and silly and much fun. And this movie is soooo bad. Worth a chuckle though and a view of Elvira’s still-great rack.

The Church (1989)

Another crazy-ass Dario Argento flick, with strange imagery, bright colors, weird angles and trippy dream sequences. Oh, and of course, crazy music from the Goblins, this time with Keith Emerson.

A church is built on the mass grave of brutally murdered medieval witches. They’re still not happy about that. Argento clearly influenced this trippy style of horror and surely, David Lynch was inspired by his vision as well. There is a lot of seemingly disconnected what-the-fuck, but it holds your interest, gets pretty suspenseful and makes you wonder what’s next. It has some seriously gory and graphic moments that make it worth the weird watch.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

George Romero’s masterpiece and what I think is the definitive zombie flick. Firmly establishing the film zombie mythos and making it clear the mall is the best place to hang during the zombie apocalypse. Also, Argento was script consultant and the Goblins do the music, so it has an eerie quality and more of that graphic weirdness.  The zombies are imbecilic and slow and very funny but when they are about to bite, it’s scary! This is a smart piece, too. Romero makes some pretty scathing social commentary.

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