Hammer Films

The Stranglers of Bombay (1960)

Weird! Imperialistic! Strangle-y!

A Hammer flick concerning and Indian Kali-worshipping cult called the Thuggees (pronounced thoo-jees but I still want to say thugees life!) who strangle people in British India in the 1830s.

There are some brutal, but bloodless, strangulations here but overall just a “oh foreigners are crazy” feel. There is the detective who wants to investigate the matter by understanding the culture and getting to know and interview people. He is usurped by a traditional, tough guy cop (who is really bitchy, by the way.) Of course, the more culturally relative approach is ultimately more effective so that’s somewhat progressive, right? And apparently, Thuggees were real, but more a gang than a cult, and most people are happy the British suppressed them.

Also, this movie is a fun opportunity to play a game I call, gay or British? (not that there’s anything wrong with either.)

Oh, and the culturally-sensitive guy has a pet mongoose named Toki! Despite being Indian, I can only imagine that if this creature speaks it is with a bad Nordic accent. Brutals.

Anyway, a fun foray into some Hammer horror I wasn’t familiar with.

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