Supernatural Thrillers

Poltergeist (1982)

I think of Poltergeist when I see those annoying and pretentious “kill your television” stickers, and it makes them slightly less annoying. But only slightly – I mean, what a stupid thing to say, TV is awesome!

This is definitely the Steve Spielberg take on horror, scary and intense at times thanks to Tobe Hooper’s direction, but sentimental expressions of the power of family and a mother’s love and burial grounds and souls needing peace, blah blah blah.

And what’s with the pool guys leering and whistling at the oldest daughter? Ewwww.

But, I do like this couple and this family and they are easy to get on board with and I think it still holds up as good, well-paced story with great performances. And when the normally-challenged height people can’t resolve the issue they bring in the super-fun, super-short Tangina to help Carol Anne to the light. I mean away from the light. Step away from the light!!!

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