Crawlspace (1986)


AKA Crap space, this ridiculous film concerns a former nazi (of course) who runs a small apartment building of pretty girls he spies on through the crawl spaces, and eventually captures and kills in his cruel experiments.

It’s bad and very 80s and the trivia surrounding this film is more interesting than the story. For example, the blond at the piano was the inspiration for the song Faithfully by Journey. Ok that’s not even all that interesting, nevermind. Oh, the protagonist is George Clooney’s fist wife, Talia Balsam. Slightly more interesting. Genetically speaking it is remarkable that Kinski and Martin Balsam produced such pretty daughters, but maybe that’s more a science nerd thing.

Anyway, it’s boring and predictable but Kinski is not and he is the only thing that will keep you awake. His performances are excessive, ridiculous, comical and yes, even scary. I liken him to the Nic Cage of his era, clearly a talented guy, especially at wacky characters but seems completely incapable of turning down a paycheck or goofy hairstyle.

Also watch for rats,  a large poster of Barbra Streisand, captured tongueless girl,  and a cute kitten.

If you’re young and think you have plenty of time left in life, it streams on netflix.

i can haz crazy wig?

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