Jean Rollin is French for Unisom

Jean Rollin is a French writer and director of numerous films, mostly about vampires and naked women. But unlike other sexploitation films he is a total yawn fest. Rollin somehow manages to take sexy and compelling elements and create films that put me to sleep.

Is it nap time?

Most of the movies involve a pair of pretty ladies stuck in wicked situations. The setting is often beautiful, with crumbling castles and grand scenes of nature. And the sex is sexy enough but limited and it takes forever to get to it. I mean, if you’re going for sexy than for crying out loud, go for it!

I look cooler than I am

But, you see why his redundancy is easy to forgive: boobs, sex, bondage, blood, bad special effects, bad makeup and it’s in French so you can pretend the dialogue is more sophisticated than it really is. Also boobs. And bondage. Girls being really, really nice to each other and then being very mean. But, there is not enough of it and the evil is just not evil, it’s stupid or dull.

I won’t venture to say it’s unwatchable by any means since he explores compelling and even poetic themes, it’s just mediocre. In fact, I recently learned he also directed some hardcore, but I haven’t been able to find any to check out, presumably because those are also dull.

However, it’s eye candy and I have been brushing up on my French. It’s one-dimensional, but not the worst dimension to lurk in.


Here are some ones I’ve seen that I think are alright and stand out among his work.

Requiem for a Vampire
Grapes of Death
Lips of Blood
The Nude Vampire

Most of these stream on Netflix.


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