Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)


I tend to focus less on sci-fi, but this was on, I like the Apes movies and I like James Franco and feel like we can hang out (that may be due to watching freaks and geeks too much, but anyway…) I checked it out.

In general, I find back stories and prequels to be pretty unnecessary since we know how things turn out and aren’t stupid and can surmise where they began. This movie is no different to me, the origin story is obvious. I do actually like the cgi for a change, I think Franco’s character is heartfelt and caring about the apes and Gollum as Caesar is badass. And the story is the usual sad reflection of how so many people dismiss the rights and feelings of animals, especially the ones they exploit. This adds depth to the empathy I already felt toward the Apes.  Franco conveys this role seriously and never once drops the bong.

However there is a truly amazing scene on the bridge where the Apes take their stand and then, wow, then there is this:




Overall Rating:Meh, Rise Up Scene Rating:Owwww!

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