More often than not, regardless of the genre, a film is an entertaining diversion. When it comes to the horror genre, this is especially true for myself. If a film captures certain elements, I might give it a pass despite some glaring flaws. Which explains why I’ve sat through so many shitty Jean Rollin films (OK, maybe I fell asleep to most of them…). Here’s a few films we’ve checked out and kept watching beyond our ’15 minute test’. That is to say, if it doesn’t grab us within the first 15, it becomes part of the body count.

Fangs of the Living Dead (1969)

Anita Ekberg stars as a model who inherits a castle! Bonus: the vampire women who haunt the grounds are even hotter than her, and the finale includes a festive vampire girl cat fight! I’m in! The terrible dubbing, hammy acting, and ridiculous characters were laughably entertaining. Honestly, there were many details similar to Rollin’s vampire films – scantily clad beauties, great atmospheric locations and settings – but minus the esoteric pretense. Also, the version I streamed was a lean, 75 minutes.

The Devil’s Rock (2011)

I’m a sucker for the World War II/Nazi/Occult flick. Guess what this film’s about? A low budget quickie, this flick makes great use of it’s limited production values and delivers a well-crafted story with better acting than you’d expect for an absurd sub-genre vehicle like this. A model production template for the likes of Chiller and SyFy channel originals. I dug it a lot more than I expected.

The Ghost Galleon (1974)

The third installment of the influential ‘Blind Dead’ series, this entry has a novel setup: models stranded at sea for a publicity stunt (ah, the Euro horror with the sexy models getting in sticky situations)! The pretty protagonists and their assumed rescuers stumble upon a ghost ship with creepy, blind dead Templars haunting it. Hilarity ensues. Actually, it gets mind-numbingly boring after the first two cuties are dispatched. Those blind dead are slow as fuck. Your suspension of disbelief will fail you after it becomes painfully obvious that these zombies are slower and less menacing than the original Romero zombies. Next flick!

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