Goblin Live


Last night, the hubs and I had an incredible chance (we won free tickets!) to see Goblin perform, in their first stateside show, at the Gothic in Denver, where we recently moved.

Goblin are prog rock geniuses who created the soundtracks for giallos and other horror films, making music that did not just fill the background or add some suspense but which occupied the foreground and often defined the scene and film itself. Their sound is distinct, rhythmic and hard rocking while also experimental and at times discordant. They are best known for their work with Argento, in particular Deep Red and Suspiria, but they also contributed to Tenebre, Phenomena, Sleepless and other horror movies like Dawn of the Dead, all of which were featured at the show.

The performances were strong and the three original members, along with two amazing newer musicians were compelling and powerful. The songs were accompanied by scenes from the films and the artists could not be happier to be in the states. They joked that it only took 40 years and were literally giddy about it. Goblin played for at least an hour and a half and proved that this tour was a long time coming. I feel honored and thrilled at having seen their first show here and would recommend everyone check them out in their town. It was truly phenomenal and a great way to celebrate October!

deep red

the medium in Deep Red



profondo rosso

Creepy dolls


Great lighting

Dawn of the Dead

From Dawn of the Dead


Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena, also called Creepers


More great jamming

taking a much deserved bow

taking a much deserved bow



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