The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

I am totally old enough and ready for this, maybe.

The Blood Spattered Bride is a surprisingly good giallo-style thriller that is not as blood spattered and silly as the title suggests.  It is essentially another iteration of the much interpreted Carmilla story by Sheridan LeFanu, which is the proto type for the female/lesbian vampire and which also predates and heavily influenced Stoker’s Dracula. In the tale and in the movie, Carmilla is a dreamy character who essentially appears from nowhere and silently nurtures a strong attraction to the female lead. Her discovery scene on the beach is fantastic, by the way, and unique. However, this movie adds a great twist, where this very young bride confronts her feelings of violation at the hands of her much older husband, who both infantilizes her and at times brutalizes her for his pleasure. Her responses to that, both emotional and physical, and her growing attraction to the mysterious Carmilla underpin a story of self-realization and sexuality.

This film turns out to be surprisingly good, even if dated, and an excellent interpretation of Carmilla. And like a lot of horror it may seem exploitative on the surface but is able to explore very touchy sexual themes,  such as homosexuality, consent, age/power dynamics in relationships and vulnerability; oh, and surviving nude beach burials (you use a snorkel, duh.) Finally, you should explore the ghost stories of LeFanu as they are truly scary and compelling reads for horror fans and fans of suspenseful writing.

So this happens.


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