The Collection (2012)


This gore fest has little going in the way of plot, or really great acting, or writing for that matter, but Lordy does it have pace! Seriously, this baby jumps right in and doesn’t give you a chance to say hey, this too gross, too crazy. This guy, Arkin,  who was brutalized and tortured by a sadistic booby trap killer, escapes, but then gets recruited to help a private security team recover the next victim, the only daughter of a very rich man. (Not to be cruel or cold here, but this girl must cure cancer in the future because many lives are lost over her and I am not sure how good an ROI that is.) In the meantime, this crazy ass killer is setting up these Rube Goldberg machines of mass murder all over the damn place, even mowing hundreds of people down with one such device. Not joking here, these death traps are unbelievably elaborate.

Fortunately, these are all people you’d hate anyway. And also fortunately, our leads are good protagonists, if not the greatest actors they are sympathetic and strong. Josh Stewart especially has this quality and a charming accent to boot (see him on Criminal Minds, too.) And Emma Fitzpatrick plays her character Elena smart and strong.

Combined with the action packed story I found myself enjoying the hell out of this movie, appreciating the extreme gore and totally rooting for our protagonists. Watch for a couple fun horror references, too. When they first track down  the killer’s hideout it is an abandoned place called the Hotel Argento, a nice nod to the gory Giallo director; and when Elena is hiding from the killer early on she has to lay very still while tarantulas crawl all over her face- that is so Coffin Joe!

A fun surprise, I give this a B+.


Paycheck, paycheck, paycheck, paycheck

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