Monsters / Slashers

Child’s Play (1988)


I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this before. I love this movie. Chucky, the evil doll, is the perfect asshole comedian. And the premise is so remarkably stupid that it is really clever and fun.

A criminal played by the massively entertaining Brad Dourif, is pursued by a cop (Chris Sarandon) and he ducks into a toy shop. He knows he is fatally injured and begins frantically seeking someone out, but the only someone is a doll. He then performs a ritual, lightning, explosions, all that good stuff, whereby he transfers his soul into the doll. The cop finds the dead body, so case closed because who would suspect that this evil guy just used voodoo to transfer his soul and survive in doll?

Well, Chucky, the good guy doll, your friend ’til the end, is the shit. He’s the toy of the season. So naturally, single mom, Karen, played by Catherine Hicks, who you can’t help but want to be your mom as well, scores one off a bum for a more affordable price, bringing it home to her adorable, soon to be highly traumatized, son on his birthday.

As you can guess, this doll gets to be trouble for this family and naturally, Brad Dourif doesn’t want to live in a doll forever. Also, he is an awful murderous creature. He proceeds to push the aunt out of a window to her death and start telling the kid to take him to shady places so he can confront his enemies. As. A. Doll. In this way, the movie does a hilarious job of sending up a few horror/action tropes, like voodoo, revenge and of course, creepy dolls. Consequently, mom and son are heavily scrutinized and they put the kid in state care.

The fun doesn’t stop here (or at the end of the movie, since there are numerous sequels.) After Karen realizes what’s going on and finally convinces the cop, they fight to stop Chucky. Which they do. Kinda. Sorta.

Don’t be put off by this particularly ugly doll, it’s a fun movie! B+

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