What the Hell is a Giallo, Anyway?

In recent years, Giallos have become one of my favorite types of horror films. They are stylish and cerebral. And they are mysteries, which were my gateway to horror. Watching lots of Hitchcock as a kid with my mom gave me the crime solving bug and I love to watch a plot unravel. But what makes giallos different than a horror movie or a mystery thriller? Well Giallos did some pretty innovative things at the time. They experimented with lighting, discussed taboo subjects, explored gender roles, challenged norms, criticized police and the ineffectualness of the system and basically combined horror elements with mystery ones, and at times included supernatural qualities.

But rather than get academic I created an infographic with some of the most common elements of a Giallo. Enjoy!

Your Giallo is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


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