Intruder (1989)



Intruder is a funny slasher from the 80s highlighting appearances from both Sam and Ted Raimi and a Bruce Campbell cameo. It’s low budget but truly makes the most of it, using funny devices and good pacing to compensate and inserting all the right elements:  an isolated group, useless cops, a red herring, a final girl, and gruesome deaths.
At a small time grocery we find the staff closing down and getting ready to pull a late nighter, cleaning and lowering prices for the coming going out of business sale. The staff is caring and tight and naturally sad that their place is closing.
In addition to the store closing we have another dramatic element, the lead gal ( and of course, our final girl) Jennifer, has an unsavory ex named Craig who has turned back up to confront her about their break up and douchily convince her they should get back together. I will never understand why some people think being an asshole bully to you will convince you to meet their demands. Anyway, he is our red herring, with a checkered personality and a violent past, it’s easy to suspect he will do something rash. His return gives us an opportunity to meet the local cops who are called in to address his harassment. They do nothing and make it pretty clear that they are fairly useless, hinting at the further isolation of this crew.
So the first part is a bit slow, but a good set up, everyone is separated by virtue of the different tasks needed throughout the store. And one by one in isolation, they begin to fall. Jennifer is the one who begins to realize that the other employees are disappearing and soon after she begins to find the bodies. As the tension and threats escalate she is approached by Bill, the owner who claims douchebag Craig has attacked him. But it becomes clear that Bill has blood on his hands and that he must be lying.
So our red herring is eliminated by Bill’s actions and Jennifer’s realization. Bill soon admits he is mad with grief about the store closing and blames his partner, but he couldn’t stop with killing him, he kept on attacking the entire crew and now its Jennifer’s turn. A chase ensues and before long, Craig reappears to help Jennifer in a violent final showdown.
But things don’t necessarily end as they should, Bill is alive enough to speak and the cops who have returned to the scene are no less bungling. So Bill claims that Jenn and Craig did the deeds and they end up arrested. Never trust people in power folks, no matter how nice they were to you once, but always trust Sam Raimi to be part of an excellent horror movie.

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