More often than not, regardless of the genre, a film is an entertaining diversion. When it comes to the horror genre, this is especially true for myself. If a film captures certain elements, I might give it a pass despite some glaring flaws. Which explains why I’ve sat through so many shitty Jean Rollin films … Continue reading


HB to HP

Often, when we encounter a lurking fear presented in any form of entertainment – film, art, literature, music, and even bumper stickers – Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s influence plays a part. This blog focuses on horror films, and unfortunately, Lovecraft has not always been represented well in this genre, at least not frequently with films that … Continue reading


I Am the Monster

I’ve always had a fascination with myriad things macabre and gruesome: Horror literature, horror films, horror-themed music, etc… The myths, legends, and tales of fear and terror have captured my imagination for as long as I can remember. The forms of media and how these stories and images are presented have been expanded and modified, … Continue reading


Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (AKA The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue) 1974

This flick was a nice surprise. It begins with art dealer and hipster douche bag George (dubbed “MacDouche” for this viewing) heading out of his gallery with an old artifact. He leaves the comfy confines of Manchester and ends up getting his motorcycle damaged at a country service station by a fellow traveler’s car – … Continue reading


Without Warning 1980

NO CHANCE! NO HELP! NO ESCAPE! I hadn’t seen this masterpiece of unintentional humor in almost three decades (that’s right, I’m a time traveler!). Still as ri-goddam-diculous as I remembered, this film is made great by subtle, tempered performances by Jack Palance and – especially – Martin Landau. All kidding aside, in their collect-a-paycheck leading … Continue reading


Suspiria 1977

Suspiria, the horror classic crafted by Italian director Dario Argento, has received excessive analysis and praise, but after revisiting this memorable film last night, I’m going to post my take on it. This production not only delivers the requisite thrills and chills, it’s unquestionably a stark and vivid feast for the eyes. Allegedly, Suspiria was … Continue reading